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Does anyone have an old IDE hard drive i can have? Answered

Working preferably. Thanks!


. After you pay shipping, it will probably be cheaper to find a junk computer at a thrift store, yard sale, &c.
. Or place a free want ad in a local paper.
. Please don't junk up the keywords. Use as many applicable words/phrases as you need, but most of yours had nothing to do with the topic. TIA.

As I'm looking at it the tags are tech & life ide hard drive - am I looking in the wrong place?


The categories are tech and life, the question is for a free IDE hard drive. Tech for what it is and i feel some tech is a part of life or something that makes life interesting.

Yes, I don't understand NachoMahma's comment, unless the keywords have been changed?


. About 10 keywords have been deleted. IIRC, one of them was "ford."

Ford - cars -driveing, quite logical really...


. My mistake. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways. ;)

NachoMahma likes to follow me sometimes to make changes to the keywords.


9 years ago

yes,you can have mine