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Does anyone have any idea on how to use the heat that is in my attic? it gets really hot, maybe a hot water thank? Answered



You didn't mention when your attic is hot.  Is it hot in the Summer and cold in the Winter?  If your intention is to use it your attic as storage then you actually want your attic to be cold in the Winter. This helps prevent the snow from melting off your roof and causing ice dams, which in turn create moisture issues. To accomplish this I recommend air sealing with a two part foam and insulating the attic floor with blown in cellulose.  Make sure to use propa vents so the soffets don't fill up with insulation and your attic can breathe.  (The soffets are the intake and the gable vents are your out take)  If your intended use for the attic is living space, you will want to insulate the slope of the roof. This creates the thermal barrier above the living space and keeps the heat where it's supposed to be.  Good luck with your project.

My attic is COLD in the winter.  If yours is WARM, please describe how
you accomplish this so i can do it too.  However, in the SUMMER, i figured out how to use the attic heat to push itself OUT the roof turbines and reduce the temperature in my attic from 140 degrees in summer down to about 110 degrees.  This helped reduce my HOUSE temperature down to about 83 degrees to where we didn't need to run our air conditioner much at all last summer.  If you want to see how i did it, I just insulated the UPPER attic rafters and made sure i had VENTING for above the styrofoam and also BELOW the styrofoam... it is all described and with pictures if you click here

insulate it up and install a fan to recurculate the air through the house 

A sauna?

Insulate the floor of the attic, keep the heat in the main house, reducing your heating bills dramatically.


8 years ago

a fan, a temperature sensor and the kind of simple circuit used in homemade solar hot water systems. you need a calculation that determines the attic air temperature at which it is worth using the fan to pump hot air into a heat store.
The heat store might be the earth below your house, insulate it with a skirt of insulation around the house perimeter.