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Does anyone have any name ideas? Answered

Hi! I am working on a project of mine, and I need help with the names of some creatures. Here is a link to my project-in-the-works (https://www.instructables.com/community/An-Amazing-Planet-In-the-works/). If you could help, that would be great!

The creatures with no names are in the last four slides. Thanks for your help!


Slurps, woggams, slimes and flurps.

A bit Potteresque, but I could try modifying them a bit. Maybe something like rogganns or trlurp. Thanks for the input!

I'd rather have another human come up with the names. Not that I don't ever use those things, but I kind of want names that a simple internet search will not reveal.

How about mizu for your Japanese Salamander looking creature (mizu is water in Japanese).

Keeping with the same theme, you could use the words: voda, zou and maji (again all "water" words.)

Your ible seems very interesting.

I do rather like incorporating different languages in the mix. Thanks for the idea!

Could you create some "Grabboids"? I like the name.


If I could name one the gurphalurphalophogus, I think I could fit that name in there somewhere! Thanks!

medolie (meh-doh-lye)

zaphtog (zaf-tog)

jufet (joo-fet)

nertaghl (ner- tah-gel)