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Does anyone have circuit schematics for a battle robot? Answered

Could you also give me part names if possible, i have some ideas but im still confused. This is my first bot, thanks.



Best Answer 9 years ago

A full-blown battle robot is an expensive undertaking. Certainly hundreds, probably thousands of dollars.

There are so many things to consider, they are best covered in a book. There are several good ones available.

As a beginner, and if you want to fight on a smaller budget, and would like to have your robot largely in one piece after the contest, then why not consider mini-sumo?

There are kits available, or you can build your own from electronics scrap.

There are online forums, and many areas also have mini-sumo clubs you can join to have people to help and fight.

yeah, actually, i already have a chassis ready but i need help with the electronics, do you have any diagrams of the wiring you use on some of your robots? preferably the cheapest ones with 4 drive motors and 1 weapon motor.

Sorry, I haven't built battlebots - my ideas are are way past my budget.