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Does anyone have details on converting a Minolta Dimage A1 to infrared? Answered

Title says it all; I've got an old Minolta 5MP Dimage A1 that's mostly working, that I'd like to convert to take infrared photos.  I can't seem to find much info on this.  Does anyone have some good info to get me started?


No specifics on that specific camera but on most of them there is an ir filter in front of the sensor that you have to remove and replace with special cut optical glass.  Otherwise the sensor is not held in the correct plane.

Then shoot thru a red filter to get true ir image.

Thanks, I know the basics of it, but it's the process and materials I need to know about.  As you mentioned, the IR filter needs to be removed and replaced with glass - but what glass?  Simply the same thickness?

It would also be good to know if there's a "right way" to disassemble the camera to reduce the chance of damaging something.