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Does anyone have great, very cheap, crafts they would like to share? Answered

I am quite young, and I like to craft, but we are on a VERY tight budget. I also don't know much about electrical systems, physics, ect. I need some very cheap crafts that will last.  

  **Edit: I am not on a very tight budget anymore and I have more electrical knowledge. I can do simple circuits, and I am learning more. I also lost interest in things like cardboard crafts and what not. 



I do a lot of my sewing crafts on the cheep by getting fabric companies to send me free samples, some of the pieces of fabric I have been sent over the years have been pretty big sizes big enough to make cushions, some smaller I have used to patchwork, some are really small but I find a use for most, Patterned fabric for kids I have been sent have enough of the pattern to make cute things for the kids.
Basically other than the time it takes to apply to them and request samples on line (most web sites allow up to four samples).its free, except for cottons and needles, and some of the fabrics were so nice that I did in the end order some so its not been a total loss for the suppliers either.

There are many, many cheap/free projects on this site (many of my own projects cost nothing more than a bit of paper or tape).

You'll probably find it easier if you use the search box at the top-right of the page.  Type in a few words that interest you, click "graphical search", select "instructables" in the drop-down menu, hit "search" again, and then just browse the results.

Did you look in the Craft section of Instructables?

(It's for members like this that we need to be able to sort projects by the cost-slider values.)

Paper craft - Its good training, cheap with lots of stuff on the web.

Teaches you to measure and cut accurately as well as how to understand drawings and instructions.

Almost anything can be made from detailed models to working robots.

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