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Does anyone have ideas for shredded paper. I produce about 4-10 lbs of shredded paper a week. what to do? Answered



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compress it into fire logs with a spray of parrafin to hold it together.

i know this is dead old but you can always recycle it and it might come back as move mail so you can keep the natural cycle going and kepp the earth green

Insulation, paper mache, cool stuffing for pinatas, pinatas in general, neat wigs, crafty bird nests, shipping material, you could have an awesome indoor pile of shredded stuff to jump in, you could pack every christmas/birthday gift you ever give in the stuff . . .the options are endless

when I first read your reply i didnt catch the word INSULATION. to Insulate what? Ideas? sounds interesting.

Some years ago Mother Earth News did an article on using shredded paper for insulation. Simply add a box of borax or boric acid for vermin proofing and a box of baking soda for fire retardent. I think 5% each by volume was the recommendation.

Tree houses, attics, put it in a cooler with cold drinks, or hot dishes for pot lucks. I just started making plantable paper, shredded newsprint would be wonderful for that.

Use it to pad fragiles for shipment or storage. Or recycle it, if it's a variety of paper your local recycling folks will accept. Or compost it.

Good Idea, but I have more incoming than outgoing packages. I run a business. My suppliers use those nasty packing peanuts that stick to you and are bad for whatever.

-recycle -find projects where you can use shredded paper -don't compost because to make paper they add other ingredients than trees

thanks for the heads up on composting, I probably would have tried it.


9 years ago

We use ours for starting fires. it works really well.

Thank Yu! Sorry for no reply, had flu! YUCK; then I made wine and well.... anywho

If this paper is sensitive enough that you choose to shred it... there are only two options. 1. Recycle it. 2. Burn it.