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Does anyone have ideas on how to convert a water pump for a coy pond to solar? Answered

My fiancee and I are installing a coy pond for my Mom and I am looking for the best, cheapest way to convert a water pump to solar. The spot it will take is partial sun, but if the panels need to be moved to a brighter area that can be arranged.


It depends on the actual pump - is it DC or AC? If it's AC, does it run via a transformer (so maybe it's really DC)? So, more details about the pump would be useful.

Well, we haven't gotten that far yet. We're still in the process of digging, lining and walling it off. What would be the best type to get?

If you haven't got the pump yet, why not get pumps that are already solar? I have seen solar aeration pumps and solar fountains on ebay, so that's a good place to start.