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Does anyone have instructions for constructing a human strolling table, for serving appetizers, etc.? Answered

Need instructions on how to build a human strolling table. Thanks


As already mentioned, strolling tables can be very costly and time consuming to produce. If you ever need to hire one in the UK visit our website for more info:


(more pictures available on our facebook page)


Yes you can build your own. Just take some OSB, a set of banquet table legs and castors that will roll easy over carpet. Yes most of the money for the strolling table is in the costume. But I see no reason why you couldn't start out with an inexpensive costume and work your way up. The only part I haven't got so far is the harness or belt part that hooks the person up to the table. This has to be done so that the table looks like it's part of the costume. Good Luck.

Very expensive to create, but we would be happy to do an event for you. Check out www.talentedtables.com.

A trolley? or one of these?
(couldn't find much on the latter, but castors and a wire-frame are probably involved)