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Does anyone have plans for a Queen size loft bed? Answered

I'm looking to build a loft for my queen size bed to make more room in my apt, does anyone have plans? thanks


What space have you got to work with? And how big is the bed?


first of all thanks for answering. Its a queen size box spring and mattress. the room is 110 x 155

Are you talking in inches?
And would I think right that the roof slopes such that it's only 110 in the middle?


yeah in inches, and i think the ceiling height is the same all around

Have a look for "OSB" for putting a floor in, that should be your first job. You'll probably have to cut it in order to get it into the loft, but then how much of a hole do you have to get the bed through?


how sturdy is osb ? im assuming it also has to sanded and sealed?

A suggestion for flooring, I'd be laying some surface on top like carpet for example. It's not pretty, but cheaper than anything that would suit sanding and sealing.
(Although wooden floor-boards might be a lot cheaper where you live?)


the floor is gonna be a little bigger than bed

i just downloaded sketchup trying to make my plans there to start


7 years ago

Visit www.woodgears.ca You'll find plans for a queen size bed there, as well as details on building a loft bed.

Yeah, it's pretty fantastic. I'm building a set of beds from those plans at the moment.

Find loft bed plans for any size then make the plans fit your bed.

height is also 110