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Does anyone have plans to build a snowplane? My husband would like to find instructions. Answered

We have searched the net extensively but haven't come up with an answer.My husband would like to make a snowplane that was used in the rural areas before snowmachines were invented.Does anyone have building plans?


I am working on fourth snowplane I don't have any printer plans but i could post some photos of what I have done and what I use for materials. There not many plans out there. I studied what other people did and what I could remember of what they looked like when I was young and people still used them. (before the modern snowmobile)


Do you possibly mean "snow plough" / "snowplow"?

No I don't mean snowplow.Snowplanes ( I imagine got their name because some used an airplane engine to power it because of their light weight)My husband remembers several that were in our area but hasn't been able to find anyone that knew how to build them.


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They were also called "windjammers" (among other names).

Here's a link to one. There are no plans, but with more information (from the link), your husband may be able to figure it out. They haven't been used in some time, so plans may be hard to come by.

Do you mean a Prop driven body on Skis ?

If so I would think a modification of one of the many hover craft designs would work.

here are a number of references from old popular mechanics and Science magazines - I will take a guess that some are how to build articles.

Google Books are your Friend.

Thank you for your reply,I will pass it on to my husband when he gets home from work.I think you know what he wants.An airplane engine was used on some of them because they are light weight.It had a light material body as well.I will try to update you if he is successful with hs plans.