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Does anyone have some simple instructions for recovering sofa cushions? Answered

I have a rattan furniture set, and I would like to recover the cushions.



check out member modhomecteacher shes an upholstery wizard

Before you put the fabric back on , try this little trick. Split the foam in half (electric carving knife is best) and flip them around so as to expose the "new" foam then glue them back together WITH a piece of carpet padding in the middle, like a sandwich. They'll feel like the $100 thing I promise.

The best idea I can come up with right now would be to measure the cushions and pick your fabric, and get more material than you need. Then wrap the cushions like a present, and sew the overlaps. (Although if they're oddly shaped cushions it won't work as well.) If they're smallish cushions, you might also look into adapting pillowcases, if the furniture won't be used outside.

would you be able to pick apart the stitches that hold it all together so you can get all the fabric pieces from one cushion, then trace it onto the new fabric and sew it back together? dems my simple instructions