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Does anyone have the schematic for a Guitar Hero controller? Answered

I'm working on a hack for my guitar hero controller. It's the model that comes with World Tour, and it is for wii. Does anyone have a schematic for it? A full one would be ideal, but what I'm really interested in is the strumming circuit. Any schematics would be wonderful.


Nope, sorry. The first link is a schematic for a sythensizer someone built INTO the guitar hero controller. Also, if you look at the circuit, it has an LM386, which shows that the circuit is just audio, not the actual controller. The second link doesn't show the circuit. What I specifically need to find is how the strumming switches connect into the rest of the hardware. So link 3 is also a bust.

Yes, I have. The PCB traces are barely visible. So I can't follow them.

That's a pain.

Do they show up better in silhouette? You could remove the board, lay it on a light table, and take a photo?

Well, also, the swtiches have a fairly large footprint. And there are traces that go UNDER the switch! So there are about 5 traces going through the left side of the switch and 5 coming out the right! But the traces are so thin they are hard to tell apart. Basically it's a hacker's nightmare. I'm sure there are worse, but this is pretty annoying.

Open up the controller and follow the PCB traces. If i'm not mistaking the strummer is nothing more then a cut off point for the buttons. So you can hold down the buttons on the neck but the signal will not transmit to the game console till the strummer is activated.

I think the buttons serve as one input to the microcontroller and the strummer is another input. How would the multiple buttons get through one switch to be input?

Chances are the strummer is triggering the on board controller to look for the button presses. So the controller isn't looking for button presses until you strum.

Are you looking to see if you can hack the strummer so all you have to do is worry about getting the button presses right? If so it would be very hard to sync the strumming circuit with the beat of the song.

To your first paragraph: No, that can't be. If you push the buttons at any lull in the song, the targets at the bottom of the screen get highlighted according to what you press. And your second paragraph. No, that's not at all what I'm doing. And I'd like to do it as a bit of a secret. But I will certainly send you a link to the instructable once i finish.