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Does anyone know a good site for DIY for deployed soldiers? Answered

We usually have limited resources as well as a lack of quality large comfort items? Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!!


Actually having a hunt round 'ibles for whatever you might be looking for could help, since it's got such a wide variety of projects, though you may need to adapt them to your resources.

What kind of things were you thinking of? I'd definitely be up for trying to figure solutions.

I looked around at the cardboard based furniture, but flammables such as glue and paint are hard to come by as they can't be ordered or mailed. So far we know we will be living in tents, so anything to make extended tent living more comfortable would be great. Maybe an interesting mod on the ol Army cot! Storage space and security is always an issue in a tent as you usually have a 5 x 8 area to occupy. Thanks for your prompt response!

being a currently deployed soldier (in Afghanistan) and just returning from Iraq, I can tell you that each base is very different as to what you can do and get away with.  With that said, there is one constant in each base that is great for lots of things (walls, chairs, even a small pool.)  That is "cases of water!"  They are all over base, free, and delivered by the pallet.  Take what you need (use empty ones for walls and such.) 

Other than that, I've made knives, desks and lots from "found items."  Here is a link to the coolest desk for a POD that I made in Bucca...(In fact, this one deserves an 'ible that I'll post later.)

Then I made it better...

Here is another one of the ballistic armor stand I made...
It has a nice locakable storage area under it.

Finally, here is one of a "war board" that I made for the Base Commander...

All of this was done with materials either found in the scrap yard (in fact, I did a small blog post on the yard) and the tools were either borrowed from the base (most have them for lending) or my buddy sent me a bunch.)

If you are near Kabul, drop me a note and I'll swing by and buy you a drink!

m'man: login/password for the war board project, please???

could you show the knife or how to make one

i am not in the army(still in jr. high) but i don't have many materials to work with other than some of the stuff at home and stuff i find on the streets so i really need to know how to make a knife with easy to find materials

I reckon there's a lot of simple little things that could help like figuring out how to put your gear in and what bits you can make use of in other ways, any decent sized bit of fabric like a towel can be rolled in to a brilliant pillow, you know stuff like that.

I don't know a lot of the stuff you'd have personally though having been in some uncomfortable army cadet quarters some little things can be good, bed frames and tent frames can be made use of to store a variety of things and such.

If you can think of a specific project you'd like to do but can't get the materials like glue and such I might be able to help you with that, I tend to use a lot of junk as fixing materials, stray wire and twine are good for a lot of things, like fixing my trousers for example, you could in some projects use wheatpaste glue, it might be possible to get your hands on the materials to make it and it's dead simple...

 As a former deployed GI myself, my best advice is 'Never be too proud to steal.'
That said, Instructables is one of the best I've found. If you need tips, give us assignments. We'll be happy to help. 

This one is great. :) What kind of things do you need? See the "Home" section.