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Does anyone know a jamless red rod knex magazine for a repeater? Answered

Does anyone know a jamless red rod knex magazine for a repeater? Clip size doesn't matter, and it isn't neccesary to be removable. If it uses a pusher then don't post it in your answer.


Why don't you try a "funnel" mag? Basically, you have a chamber with a small gap above it (enough to fit 1 rod in) and then it branches out. Then, if you really want to, add a flat sheet as a pusher. It should look something like...
....|..| <-- Chamber

Seems like a great system to me, I'll try it out.

Red impact has a thingy that separates the rounds in the hopper from the round shot.  It doesnt jam thanks to the open design too.

well the blue rod thing that hist the ammo sucked and the ammo arm wouldnt work correct


9 years ago

Well, even though 'Killer~Safe~Cracker' already pointed you to some mags, they are almost certainly not jam-less. Magazines, without a BA system will never be completely jam-less.

Both of them never jammed for me. BTW: It's Killer~SafeCracker. Just want every one to get it correct.

Sorry, I was just typing your username from memory. Also, I meant that it would jam if you just kept firing for like a year... Even that would make it not-jamless.

Thats fine. Even if a gun was BA that doesn't mean that it would never jam.

BA? What does that mean?

Oh, Bolt Action. I forgot you aren't on KI. (KnexInnovation.net)

I have build and tried the Red Impact and it does not jam, as long as you get the parts right, and on the good side, its got a silver banner

Turreted guns like knexsayer and BR-18 can fire red rods.

Sorry, I need a reguallar mag, the turret would be too large, and wouldn't be able to support enough rods. I appriciate the idea though, maybe on my next knex gun?

I thought you said size doesnt matter. and anyway, ajleece made a compact version of the BR turret. Its an oval, and its not bulky.