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Does anyone know about testosterone replacement therapy? Answered

Once I read in a magazine about studies being done with male patients over 40 complaining of feeling tired most of the time and reduced libido. These men received testosterone replacement therapy under physician's supervision and they reported feeling more energetic, increased sexual energy and more muscle with less exercise. I think that it is similar to women receiving estrogen to reduced their menopause symptoms. Why isn't this therapy recommended to more men? Any side effects?



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Testosterone treatment is assumed (or proven) to increase some cancer risks.

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Go to a gym, hang out with the body-builders...


Come on! I I didn't mean illegal steroids. :)

I know what you meant. W/ref Any side effects?, you've got histories in that area. I knew someone blamed a surprise priapism on that sort of thing...
You'd need medical journals for proper answers though


Yes, it increases aggressive behaviour in many test subjects

I seem to remember hearing that it also increased some health risks. If you want to know whether this might make any sense for you, ASK YOUR DOCTOR. Free medical advice received via the internet is usually worth less than you paid for it.