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Does anyone know any good picaxe 08 / 08M projects? Answered

I want to get started in microcrontoller programming and was wondering if any one knew any good picaxe projects that aren't too complicated or not THAT easy!!!


THIS appears to be the main resource for PicAxe projects - Dozens of users have posted everything from the very simple to the hidulously convoluted.
There's also a few on Instructables too.

I've just started playing around with them too and over the next few weeks I'm planning to post a series of Instructables as a beginners' guide to the PicAxe.


7 years ago

Do a Street Light, Red Amber Green as output leds, it will just be timing & output code - reading the table - of a 08M chip

wait 3
high 0
wait 5
low 0
pause 100
high 1
wait 5
low 1
pause 100
high 2
wait 5
low 2
pause 100
goto Table