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Does anyone know good ways to make money? (As a young teen) Answered

I want to save up enough money to buy a 30$ dell axim x50 to turn into an e-reader, but I don't have enough money.  I do have a paypal account.



Best Answer 7 years ago

fix computers.

One idea that I would recommend is car washing. You might think it sounds stupid but it is a really inexpensive way of making money. Let’s say you’re 15 and live in a medium sized town with around 10,000 residents, that’s a lot of potential customers and I bet 80% of that 10,000 have at least one car, You could charge £5 a car and you would make a good profit. Back in the day when I used to do this I made £65 in one day and I was only 14. It’s simple really. You just get your equipment; go round knocking on houses and wash cars. Then you get paid for it! You can buy all the equipment you need from amazon (Links are below) and the equipment will last you at least 50 washes.

Sakura 5L Car Shampoo (£5.99) – Click Me!

Sponge (£0.79) – Click Me! (Recommend you buy 2 – 4 of these)

Bucket (£4) – Click Me!

Cloth (£2.99) – Click Me!

Total - £13.77

This year I'm making tons of money fixing computers. I made over $20 an hour then other day, got a tablet with my earnings.

if you are asian there are manny ways to make money but if your not get a part time job or sell drugs.

mowing one lawn would get you that 30$

This question gets asked on a regular basis. I'd suggest using the search box to find past answers.

Currency conversions is a possibility but somewhat risky.

I have posted this several times in answer to this or similar questions. Fact is i you can get your head around the principle then making money can be done and many would say in these hard financial times easier then otherwise.

Because folk are short of cash they will pay a small amount for simple services rather than pay a lot more for a professional job,- this gets you started.

After that it's up tp your imagination and luck and your dedication to making money.

Being a millionaire by the time your 30 sounds very interesting - No more need to work - EVER -  no worries and all the money to have what you want and do anything you want to do. BUT that starts NOW whilst your a teenager.

As a side effect they seem to think that the current financial situation will take 20 years to get back to the days of boom - So you would just about be peaking as the new boom starts - a great time to sell off your efforts and retire.  30 ! years old and you can pt your feet up - sounds good to me.

Is this possible? Yes recently a young entrepreneur started a company developing phone apps - built it up and sold it for  $30,000  after 12 WEEKS! (news here)

There is no quick easy money, particularly on the internet -it's all been taken. As a young teen, manual labour is pretty much your best bet, yardwork, etc.