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Does anyone know how i can mod my original Xbox to play Xbox 360 games? Answered

i can not afford an Xbox 360 but i still play my original Xbox, the games for the original are cool but i would like to be able to play better and newer games such as Halo and Call Of Duty. Please answer!!!!



i guess that i will just have to wait and save up for an xbox 360 but thanks anyways for the info. i would rather just buy and play an xbox 360 than by one than exhange the parts with my original xbox.

that is kind of what i mean, can i just like take out and replace the video drives and the dvd lense in order to make it work?

You would need to take out the optical drive, Video card, and main processor and swap them for 360 parts. But you will also need all the support hardware for the optical drive, video card and main processor so they will function properly. So here is what you do...
  1. Buy an Xbox 360,
  2. take all the hardware out of the case and put it into your original Xbox. 
Not so much of an Xbox upgrade as it is an Xbox 360 downgrade. But it will work.

As mentioned the 360 is way more advanced then original Xbox. While both systems are based around PC hardware they are not up gradable like a PC. The CPU and video processors are not in sockets or slots where they can be easily removed and upgraded. The systems are set up much like a laptop. About the only part you could easily change out would be the optical drive. But you would only be able to swap it with another DVD drive. 

You can't do this; consoles are not made that much future-compatible.
Your best option is to get a 360.


Unless you can contrive that taking the insides out of the case and replacing all of them to be a mod'.