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Does anyone know how to build a CHEAP compost spreader? Answered

I have 2 horses and have composted their manure since I've had them (5 years) but have always had to shovel it into a small wagon and spread it with the shovel and rake. It gets pretty tiring. I thought maybe a wheel driven type? I'm not very mechanical, but if someone can help me out with this I would be sooooooo greatful!


Take an old push lawnmower and cut a hole (about 3 or 4 inch) into the metal decking next to engine just above the mowers blades nearest the grass exit shoot.

Next add a 2 or so foot length of appropriate diameter metal pipe to the hole you just created and then to the top of pipe add a hopper or funnel to feed in the poop.

Oh yeah, also be sure to remove the mowers safety grass shoot located at the side of mower... aim it and sh*t fire! This device should cut and spread that manure quick/easy, trim the grass, impress the misses and all with a minimum of fabrication skill, time or expense. Crapblaster 5000..... headed for a store near you:)

Look at this manure spreader: http://www.thestablers.com/ They have a small version that you shovel the manure into and just spread it on the pasture - would work for compost.

And then look at the trommel compost sifter. If it were mounted on wheels somehow, so it would rotate as the base moved, you could sift a lot of compost onto an area as you pulled the trommel around.

And there is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v_QmOinoEU&NR=1 which seems to be used for spreading composted manure. Notice the blades - like the blades in a box0type fertilizer spreader.

It all depends on how much you are spreading.

Every old farm had a manure spreader, maybe ask around? Even just to see how they work. If you twist the shovel at the end of the throw, you shouldn't need the rake much. It's hard to say without knowing what else you have for equipment. If you had or could make a bottom-dump wagon that fed into grinding/spreading blades fastened onto the axle (with a door to keep it closed until you get where you want)...If it was broken up enough to creep threw a slightly open dump-truck style wagon...If you could dump it in a pile and drive a harrow or disk over it repeatedly...dump it in smaller piles and till it in with a rototiller in sections...