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Does anyone know how to build a pellet mill? Ive been looking at them online and they are so expensive.? Answered


So, something like this? Shouldn't be to hard to re-engineer it somehow on the cheaper side, hmmm, I'll think about it for a bit.


this is all anyone would really have to contend with for personal or "pocket-money" production.

If you could find a way of pulling one appart and drawing it up, we could at least get the parts fabricated professionally, just to keep the safety issue covered.

It'd be super helpfull if someone could manage that.


7 years ago

Farm Show is a really good place to start (and well worth subscribing to). It's kind of like a low-tech Instructables. There is a ton of genuinely good stuff, but also a lot of kooky crap, because it lacks feedback and user-policing, unlike Instructables.

I'm in Brasil and this is a massive problem for me too due to the import tax we have to pay about double the price of anyone else. has anyone got any CAD plans of something around the 3Hp size that we could get fabricated here.

There's an active Yahoo group for "pelletising"


Google DIY pellet mill and read some of the discussion.

They're expensive because you need rather high pressures to do the job, which means heavy duty materials and mechanisms. Making something like that on the cheap is going to mean either sacrificing the quality of the output, or having something unreliable. Of course, if you're up to the engineering, building it yourself is quite likely to be less expensive than buying a unit.

A pellet mill? for producing wood pellets for a furnace, or... excuse the ignorance, probably should Google this first

Good guess. The OP included "biofuel" and "stove" in his keywords list.