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Does anyone know how to bypass 8e6 technologies internet filters? Answered

I need to do research for a debate at school on gun control but it blocks the phrases guns and weapons.


Here are some ideas: 1. If proxy sites are blocked, use Google translate, enter the URL and choose translate from Detect Language to English. (doesn't work where a page is blocked automatically because of language or pics) this method uses google translate, which acts as a proxy. It usually works because google translate is rarely blocked at schools, universities, work.... Etc. 2. Type in the IP address instead of the normal web address. You may want to use this instead of command prompt: http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip 3. Type in the Hex encoded version of the URL. 4. If network settings are blocked and you have firefox, go into options and type in a proxy URL there.

Based on your need, ask your network administrator for an exception.

Just put a random space in the word, so if you're searching for "weapon", you'd type in "wea pon".  Gets past the filters at my school, but your mileage my vary.