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Does anyone know how to charge this Canon XT battery without the original charger? Answered

I left my charger behind at a friends house and need to charge the battery for my Canon XT. Any way to charge it with a regular battery charger? Thanks and Happy 2011!


I made an ible about doing just this -- BUT -- lots of newer batteries have a memory chip in them that identify themselves with a handshake to the charger to verify its authentic before any juice will flor -- you may need just another 'insert model number' battery charger, or you may need a real canon charger.

Won't work, wrong kind of battery. I found some other posts online but don't think you can do it.

I've had luck applying plain ol' dumb voltage to the + and - of a battery in EXTREME circumstances to make a phone call when stranded -- I wouldn't recommend it on an slr battery :D

May I also recommend a spare
http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.50069 NB2L battery for 10 dollars

a spare charger for an nb2l for 6 dollars..

I've got a piesen battery from the website, and it OUTperforms my original canon battery...highly recommend.

Yeah your right, I'm going to go buy another charger at Best Buy and than return it in a week when I get mine back.