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Does anyone know how to construct a heating pad that would work for a reptile heating environment? Answered

Preferably with a thermostat to control temp as well. I don't want to know how to wire the two together. I don't want to know how to build a basking rock. I would like to know how to build my own regulated heating pad.?


Also (I forgot to include this in my other post) - I know if you go to a pet store to buy reptile stuff it is crazy expensive. Shop around online first - your savings can be extraordinary. kingsnake.com has forums where you can find some great deals, too (and eBay). Also, check if your local pet store will price match their competitors. Find an online store, print out the page and bring it in to the store with you.

Really, you're better off buying a heating mat and fine-tuning the temperature with a rheostat (not a thermostat). Check out my two instructables "Reptile tank heating and lighting guide" and "Safety & energy-efficiency in large reptile enclosures" (conveniently linked to on the right side of this page) for inspiration.

One product I really like is heat cable and I once used that to improvise a mat. Just remember - any heating surface that your reptile is meant to touch must be controlled with a rheostat. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning the animal. I once saw a scarred up burmese python that was burned by a ceramic heat rock - the vet bills were way, way more than the cost of a rheostat that would have likely prevented the burn in the first place.

Because the application is mission critical (at least to the reptile it is ) I would suggest that without some reasonable experience and or skill or access to skill in electronics you buy a suitable heater.


A heating pad wouldn't normally be your main heat source - That would come from halogen lights or an infra-red emitter. The mat is usually used to keep a background temperature at night.