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Does anyone know how to convert an old keyboard into an MIDI controller? Answered

I have an old electric organ and an '80s-'90s keyboard that I'd like to convert into MIDI controllers.  Can anyone help me, or at least send me in the right direction?


Do you want to update and modify your existing keyboards to accept midi or do you just want to use the keyboards to drive other midi devices?


Check out the link for some documentation how your non-midi keyboards work and the midi-retrofit kits they have.  Good luck.

Basically I want to use a computer synth program with an MIDI keyboard.  I already own a Yamaha with and MIDI In/Out and a disc with driver software.  I need two keyboard to run the different voices that I want to use at the same time, so I wanted to convert one of my old keyboards to save money and pick up a new skill.