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Does anyone know how to create an interface with a dvd player? ? Answered

Example: I have a 200 disc dvd player that i would like to control via my HTPC.  I thought of some usb device that will interface( had wired) internally with the player that will allow software to control some functionality of the disc player,  mainly to read the dvd disc listing to seed which disc are in the player. What i mean by control is to read the disc list or even execute simple player functionality like play, stop fwd, rewind? 



8 years ago

Simplest way would be to put an interface on your PC that sends acts as a programmable remote control, recording the signals sent by the player's remote via a photodiode and then playing those back. Websearch will find communities of folks who have homebrewed this sort of thing, and/or ready-to-run interface boxes and drivers.

If the DVD changer has a control interface, websearch may also find you details of how to connect to and talk to that. The _old_ Sony units actually permitted quite a bit of control that way, which permitted writing apps that did things like reading the disk ID and pulling down the name and category info from the Internet semi-automagically. Alas, Sony later crippled that so it isn't much more than a wired version of the IR control signals; as far as I know, only their pro changers still support full intelligent control.