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Does anyone know how to find places where I could sell my old electronics to for scrap and to be recycled? Answered

For a while now, I have had PLENTY of old electronics; (a few monitors, an old computer, printer, mice, etc.) that have been thrown away.  I know the most common electronics recycling places charge people fees to have their old electronics recycled, but it's common knowledge that they sell the precious metals/reusable parts back to the manufacturers.  I'm wondering where I could go to sell my old electronics for scrap, or even what kinds of things I could extract myself and where/who I could go to sell the precious metals/reusables to.


In the u.s. there is a company that often turns up on eBay, "ecycle". It may be worth investigating. Otherwise eBay them yourself as "Vintage" items. Even if you only get $5, it's better than consigning them to land fill.

Radio Shack is buying used electronics

Please could you state which country you are from? Different countries have different schemes but, what you really want to do is donate your old electronics to a maker club such as "dorkbot" which have workshops all round the world.

The U.S. of America, I live in the state of Wisconsin to be precise.  I haven't heard of Dorkbot before, it sounds interesting....

You can probably make some money parting out laser printers and old stereo receivers and amps on eBay.  It's possible that you could sell cool-looking bits and pieces of VCRs and other junk to hobbyists or artists from a flea market table.

Odds are unless you have a big heap of pure <something> then you won't get much for it - in their assembled state, many electronics COST you money to recycle.

The people who scrap this stuff for the materials and resellables barely make a profit.  It takes space for storage and separation, a market, a place to get rid of what's not sellable and labor.

You could find out exactly what they are looking for and get enough of it to sell to them but It takes a lot of circuit boards to amount to much gold unless they were mfg befor about '65.