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Does anyone know how to fix a tuba lead pipe brace? Answered

I play tuba and a lead pipe brace came off. does anyone know how to fix that?


I play the tuba! Some of the baritones that I play with brake their pipe brace off and we sometimes fix them with just simple duck/duct tape. I know it sounds kinda stupid but it works. Or you could just go down to your local music shop and ask them to fix it.


We could probably put together one heck of an odd orchestra from the instruments Instructables members play, or almost play...

That's true. It would be awesome to have an Instructables band and an Instructables song! The whole world could sing it and we would live a happy, green, DIY future!

I'm guessing it was brazed in place -- but I'd also recommend that unless the instrument is a junker, you have it fixed by someone who knows what they're doing, in order to retain its value.

Agreed, it will need to be brazed, then probably plated or polished depending on the metal used to goop it together.