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Does anyone know how to fix wire terminals? Answered

Ok, so i was putting a new grip on my m15a4, and when i went to plug the wire terminals into the motor, The one on the positive wire snapped in half! I tried buying a new one at Radioshack, but the retard at the store told me to bring it in, just to see what was wrong (after i explained what the problem was)! Bringing an airsoft gun into the mall isnt the brightest idea ive ever heard. to make a long story short, i NEED to learn how to fix terminals, and dont have the right parts! PLEASE HELP! Wiring is the ONE THING i have no idea how to fix!


that would be good, except i lost the actual terminal, meaning i have to buy new ones...

its wire, and a bit to attach it to -- extend what broke off, and solder that.

...and calling people who try to help you 'retards' isn't going to get you any brownie points around here, or help get you anywhere in life.

1) lots of malls I've been in SELL airsoft
2) if it's obviously broken, just keep it in an opaque bag/case to take it directly to the store. Announce what it is before you take it out so noone is surprised.

yea, ive been to some malls where they sell airsoft guns too, except for the fact that they're minis or clear spring pistols, not full metal, full scale m4's, wich if i brought it into the mall i can guarantee you ill get in troubble