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Does anyone know how to get the odor out of a freezer that had meat spoil in it during a power outage? Answered

Our freezer was without power and we didn't realize it. When it was discovered all of the meat in it had spoiled. The freezer now has a foul odor that we can't get out. We have tried all purpose cleaners, baking soda and left it open for a long period of time. It still smells. Any suggestions?


lol! That was just on the tv just now! ("How Clean Is Your House") They cleaned it out with Milton fluid and left coffee grounds in for a day and the smells vanished! Good luck!

For us in the US, what's "Milton fluid"? (Not what you use to scrub out a Lost bit of Paradise in the hopes of Regaining it, I assume? :)

lol! Sorry! I thought Milton fluid was as popular in the States! It is a baby equipment/bottle steriliser and surface wiper/cleaner. It is a food-safe bleach type product - I stated it as it was for use in a freezer, even though frozen goods are usually bagged. (Hi Gorfram! ;-)

Try another thorough clean with rubbing alcohol to kill anything microscopic. Then if the smell is still mild but pervasive, wipe the whole thing down with vanilla (like you'd use for baking).

It sounds like you haven't cleaned all of the freezer. Could it be the case that some meat juices dripped into a part of the freezer you haven't looked? Are there access panels you haven't removed? Drip / drain tubes you haven't flushed or replaced?

The simplest one is to scrub it out with a solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking powder), rinse with clean hot water, wash again and let it thoroughly dry before you close the door. Make sure you get right into every nook and cranny, say, with an old toothbrush.

Our local feed store sells little bottles of stuff that looks like honey. It's called "Rat Sorb". It's for getting the dead rat smell out of house walls attic etc. A couple of drops in a plastic dish or something like that would work wonders for that freezer.

Perhaps an enzyme made for septic tanks might do the job...guessing, but i've been in a similar situation (mice made nest in oven during the summer.... 1st turn-on in the fall for some tasty baked chicken and potatoes augratin....gag4).

Once de-moused and thoroughly cleaned (the insulation was their home) It took me 6 months to bake the smell out using a ton of cinnamon oatmeal and other spiced cookies.

If all else fails: Pet stores sell an enzyme (I know it as OdorMute, but there are other brands) which combines with organic chemicals to kill their smell. It's fairly cheap, nontoxic, and surprisingly effective. Worth a try.