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Does anyone know how to make a Halo helmet? Answered

 I have been trying to find an Instructable on how to make a Master Chief helmet using things like a bike helmet and some paper mache or something simple. I don't have access to carbon fiber or anything. It would be grate if it could have some features that the actual Halo helmet has like a walkie-talkie, torch, HUD. I have been thinking of ideas for it but still have to work out the rest. 


Most of these use fiberglass or other stuff that I dont have access to.
How about if anyone knows how to mod a motorbike helmet for use in laser skirmish, paintball, etc. It would need features such as walkie-talkie, torch, some sort of speaker/hearing device and a very cheap/simple camera system or something. Any of these features could also be included in a wrist band or other device if they do not fit/work in the helmet.

 Sorry, but when i said "carbon fiber" i meant fiberglass and anything with the word "resin" in it.I only have access to a helmet, cardboard, normal glue or hot glue, and paper. Along with electronics that i can buy from a cheap store in Australia. Thanks for answering :)