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Does anyone know how to make a animal tissue/ cell culture at home quickly, cheaply, and easily? Answered

I am doing an experiment that requires a cell culture, and for the question I am asking, an animal tissue culture is probably, better. If anyone knows how to make a tissue culture (preferably with brain cells but other cells work) then I need some help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

First you will need a 37 degree Celsius incubator,it needs to be accurate and stable since cell cultures don't tolerate much fluctuation in temperature (try here for diy incubators).

You will need petri dishes or flasks to grow your culture in, as well as pipettes you could pick these up in a lab supply store.  Also, you will need  to sterilize the equiptment and tools that you will be working with (oven or dishwasher may do the trick but an autoclave is preferred). 

You will need media to grow your culture in, you can get them specific to the type of cells you are growing here is an example of what components you generally need for  growth.

You will need a sterile environment to inoculate your culture and for changing the media (media needs to be changed every few days).  This is generally done in a Laminar flow hood. If this isn't done in a sterile environment bacteria and fungus will quickly take over your culture.  I guess you can try to rig up a diy version of this.


6 years ago

Cell culture, especially of neural tissue (why on Earth do you want a neural tissue culture?) is not something you can do at home, it requires extensive expertise and a well-equipped bio lab. Also, where were you planning on getting this brain tissue from anyway?

You might get more information from the DIY Bio folks.

cockroach brain will live for many days after severed from the body - Even longer if you keep it attached and feed it.

No one minds vivisection on cockroaches. (hard to imagine why?)

Not easy or cheap.
E.g. http://www.jove.com/details.php?id=1304 (you have to be logged-in to view the whole thing, but "isolating forebrains from rat fetuses" indicates a level of difficulty & expense for a start)