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Does anyone know how to make a good quality throwing star?? Answered

How to make one that the materials are easy to get, and that if you throw it into a tree that it won't just break??


If your at a loss, and you cant find a way to forge or cut one, you can always buy one and temper it.  When i blacksmith I use a mixture of 75% used motor oil and 25% used transmission fluid in my quench.  You could get one of these stars, and heat it with a propane torch until it glows then SLOWLY put it into the quench, using a pair of channel locks.  The mixture, because its used, adds the carbon thats built up, to the metal.  This will make it a little more sturdy. 

Good quality ones are made of tempered steel.  This is not the easiest material to work with (without having to re-temper it after cutting, drilling, or heating).


8 years ago

Use an old circular saw blade (preferably one that has been worn down by repeated sharpening to about 4" in diameter) and its not too difficult to make a 4, 5 or 6 pointed throwing star with a grinder and a file.

There are loads of projects of varying qualities and a wide range of materials here.

I'm not an expert, but this one looks rather interesting, yet simple to make.