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Does anyone know how to make a hammock? Answered

Similiar to making a net I suppose? LOL I'm not sure.. They're really expensive to buy, but would probably really cheap to make I'm guessing..



it is actually pretty easy. just tedious and hard to explain. I don't have pretty pictures either. I'll try to use txt art as best as I can. Hang a bunch of nylon lines from a ring and tie every other one together: | | | | | | X X X | | | | | | the next row, do the same but skip the first string then alternate back and forth for subsequent rows: | | | | | | X X X | | | | | | | X X | | | | | | | X X X | | | | | | If you want to add a piece of wood at either end to hold the thing relatively flat, just tie each string to the wood at either end instead of using big metal rings. Sorry, this was quick and dirty, but I hope I got the point across.

You guessed it. A few fishermen nearby used to make them in the off-season, so I'd say it's very similar. Unfortunatly, I'm horrible with knots. I did not inherit any net-making genes. Someone needs to post an instructable for this, it seems like it should have been there already.

Thanks for the answer, however those aren't quite the type of hammock I'm thinking of. I was thinking more along the lines of a hammock made with thin rope (?)