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Does anyone know how to make a homemade tunnel for kids to play in? Answered

I am looking to make a tunnel for relatively cheap that my nephews can play in. Any ideas?


If you go to the fabric store you can find jersey / t-shirt material that comes off the bolt already in a tube form. I bought about 10 yards for a pittance at some place that was clearing out their old fabric. I took it to school and sat in a chair holding onto one end and let the kids crawl through. They loved it.

Check this out The Noob's Den. you could just make a couple of these and connect them using a triangle like structure between them although you will need two entrances on one of the dens.

Cardboard boxes - as many as you can get, as large as you like. Get enough together, you can make a "crawl maze" - cut holes in some of the sides, but not all of them. Call it indoor spelunking.