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Does anyone know how to make a "lawn core plug aerator? Answered

What i meant was...instead of using spikes to aerate your lawn. There are aerators that go into the ground and pull little plugs of dirt out so water and fertilzers can better your lawn.' i saw a few online but i was wondering if anyone knows how to make one for cheaper.


The plug-style aerators are basically just tubing, typically with a hole cut a little ways up so the plugs of dirt don't build up in the tube (or you could use some sort of rod thru the tube from the other end to drive them out), with a handle, and typically with some sort of bracket that you can stomp on to use your weight rather than strength to drive them into the ground. The end of the tube may be sharpened so it drives through dirt and roots more easily. You could undoubtedly weld something up. There may be other solutions.

Get some big long nails and hammer them through a piece of plywood (pre-drilling may be a good idea). Either mount this on a stick and spike the lawn by hand, or strap two pieces of this wood & nails to a pair of boots and stomp about your lawn. People do sell spiked shoes for doing just this. L