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Does anyone know how to make a radio constantly scan? Answered

I want to take an ordinary FM radio and make the scan function cycle through all of the frequencies very quickly and constantly. Any advice?


Do you want a fm radio that jumps to a station, plays this station for a fraction of a second, then jumps to the next one, plays it for a fraction of a second, and in this manner cycles through all the stations it can find, playing each one for only a fraction of a second before jumping to the next station?  Is that the effect you want, or did you have something else in mind?

I think the thing I described can be achieved by hacking one of those cheap 1-dollar fm radios, as found in "dollar stores" in the former US.  I'm not sure if they have "dollar  stores" where you live.   Anyway, the tuning on such a 1-dollar radio is done through button pressing.  For your application you could perhaps build an external electronic circuit to push these buttons, that is close the switches associated with those buttons.

Did you find a way?
I´m just starting to try this myself...
Anybody new have any new ideas, or feel like posting a general instructable telling us how?
I have found some instructions online but specific to Radio Shack.
I´m a parachute rigger, but not good with electronics so I will gladly trade some info in order to learn how to do this to "any" scan radio...

Is this a digital push-button scan?
And why / what do you want out of it?


Yes, it would be digital. A friend asked me to try and make one for them, I don't really know why they want it.

Hmmm, well if none of us know why, should we be trying?


Oh, I'm sure there is a reason. The request was fairly specific. I have been looking at it as more of a challenge, I find solving problems like these fun. I was just curious if anybody had ideas on how to do this that I hadn't thought of.

The thing will shift the tuning in increments until it picks up a signal. Then I guess it'll increment until it gets past the maximum, and step back, then stop. For the next it would shift again to no-signal and repeat.
Ideally you'd have a TV / radio tuner for a PC and write custom-software for it.
But if we don't know what for, how you'd do that is somewhat empty.


also the headphones that receive from the receive from the emitter can be operated w/ out the emitter it is an automated fm scanner ,,,but the truth is it changes channels so quickly .im pretty sure that the channels are pre set to the most commonly used channels around for the broadest range of music...so theres probably a set list of channels you could find....any ways good look and i feal your up to somtin else there but awqsome , i just learned and faved this site today so im a little gitty, brah

my radio has a (z) type button and will constantly scan for incoming signals..when it recieves one it will stop on that channel.. and cycles through all over again but yet these are 2 way radios, and im trying to figure how to interface it with this emitter (sentry ho700) to a set up headphones that for now only reiceves but am attempting to interface that with the walkie to my laptop............................fm radio i just read the rest there,,,,yea its like a new alarm clock you gota play with the buttons first,. lol (:

I suggest mechanical solutions- assuming you don't need it to be pretty. Find a radio that suits your needs with the scan function and fix the button so it's continually pressed if that works. If it stops after the first scan, figure out the length of the cycle pattern and rig something to press the scan button just after it finishes.