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Does anyone know how to make a silencer for an electric airsoft gun?!?!?!?!?!?!? Answered

For a pulse R-71?


oops sorry, i have a pulse R-72, i doubt the silencer i made would work. sorry

hey, if you put a silencer on an aeg, it may work a little bit. yeah most of the noise comes from the internals, but if you buy a good silencer or make one the right way it can actually dampen the noise. i made an instructable on how to make a silencer for an aeg, but its for mainly m4 type aegs, i also have a pulse R-71, and it doesnt fit on the end (its made from a water bottle) but i guess if you put tape on the little end tip of the barrel it would work. just look for Homemade Airsoft Silencer in a day or so.

Like Matt said, you cannot 'silence' an AEG (automatic electric gun). The noise it makes is the motor repeatedly turning and pushing air into an airsoft bb, sometimes doing this up to 17 times a second! (a Mac-10 AEG) I guess if your screws are not tight, it will rattle the gun itself, resulting in more noise. I would suggest tightening your guns screws, and that may silence it a little. Otherwise, you cant silence an AEG. Hope this helps!

im pretty sure u cant really silence it well without opening the gun up. If u do decide to open the gun up, you should put padding in so it dont rattle. Im just throwin an idea out there, thats y im not bein very specific.
NOTE: if u do open the gun up, i dont want to here it if that breaks it. Some guns arent openable, theyre molded shut. I'll trust ur good judgement on that one!

U can used other instructables to make silencers for your gun but there is no way to truly silence an electric motor. the sound comes out of the whole gun not just the barrel. on a gas u can easily silence it and on a springer u can sorta silence it. but for that machine gun the parts rattle a little bit from the motor ( all crossmans do this somewhat) and it cannot be silenced