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Does anyone know how to make a team fortress 2 level in sketchup, and be able to play it? Answered

I have, and love, Team fortress 2, and i am really interested in creating levels for it. but whenever i open the Hammer editor, i am confronted with oodles of coding and confusingness. I am pretty good with google sketchup, and was wondering if anyone knows how to convert a sketchup file into a map for tf2?



9 years ago

Jhvh.one  has the right idea, you should definitely look at the documentation before you dive right in.

It is quite possible to design Source (The engine L4D, TF2, CS:S and Half Life 2 runs on) Maps using hammer.
There is a way of going about it, but in the end you WILL have to use hammer.

1. Basically, draw the design in skectup and seperate each piece of the map into blocks, like cubes etc. (these are called 'brushes').
If you have a concave shape, such as a the cutaway side-view of a bowl, you will need to sperate it into pieces. Spechers, Semi Circles and the like are fine (to my knowledge).
2. Group each shape using Right-Click>Make Component
This makes each individual shape into a brush.
3.Assemble sepearte brushes in Skecthup.

Assuming you went to this site and found out about Source Sketchup Tools, and installed the plugins, you should be able to go to your menu bar at the top and select Plugins>Export SMD.
Then open file in Hammer and add all necessary Spawn Points, Control Points, Health Packs etcetcetc.

It is possible to make scale-versions of real-life locations for L4D using this method.


9 years ago

It's actually perfectly reasonably to want to build a level for tf2 in sketchup. Just make the geometry, then send it my way, and I'll import it, texture it, and get it all working.


10 years ago

From what i know the answer is going to be no. I have made my share of maps for a few different engines starting from Doom. For the most part the map editors only speak one language. The reason it's complicated is to give you the oppertunity to utilize as much of the engine's capability when you create your levels.

I guessing that by indicating that you want to use SketchUp that your map is simple and linear, this shouldn't be too hard to achieve using Hammer. Even if you were able to convert or import a map from any other program into Hammer it wouldn't be the same. Honestly your map will look and play much better if you just learn how the program works and give it a try. I know map creation is boring and tedious but I think you'll be happier with the results. Hope this helps, good luck!