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Does anyone know how to make an RC remote control? Answered

I'm a bit of an electronic geek and I want to build a remote control so I can build a robot.


In direct answer to your question Yes I do know how to make one and have done so BUT I wouldn't try these days,you need equipment, knowledge and quite a lot of experience to get it to work.

Check out Infra red remote control if you really want to DIY

This gets asked about every other month. Compared to the pre-built units available it is impossible to build a unit from discrete parts that comes close to giving you the features for 10 times the money.  It would end up very basic and take up all of the space in your robot that you won't have time or patience to build now that you've spent 2 years trying to build a transmitter and receiver.

There are some pieces of electronic equipment that you MUST have that you probably don't have access to.  There are legal issues with the FCC.

Save your time and money and put all your effort into the research and design of your robot.  That's going to be enough of a challenge in it's self.

But if you absolutely must build it yourself, google "diy rc system" and other similar things and you'll probably find a workable schematic.  I'll post a link if I find anything useful.