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Does anyone know how to make fireless smoke? Answered

im inventing a game that uses a lot of stealth, but i cant risk a fire hazard in my woods. any help? and btw, if u live fond du lac, it may be comin soon. nowhere near finished yet...



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It would take some perfecting but a small compressed air cylinder and a batch of talcum powder could make a nice puff of white smoke like clouds.

Nitros from drag racing makes a good cloud but its cold. Also solenoids are readily available off the shelf

Carbon Dioxide... is the ways it's always been done.

if you can heat commercial disco smoke fluid... works nicely.

go to racerboy 217s page thats me and i just posted a instructable for you to show you how to

actually talcum powder wouldn't be best to use, because if inhaled can cause allergies and lung cancer. Also, it sounds like since your using it more a smokescreen, so you wouldn't want people running through a cloud of talcum powder that may give them trouble breathing. I would recommend a good alternative, constarch powder, which is actually starting to replace talcum in several products. Cornstarch powder does not contain harmful asbestos like substances, so it shouldn't make people cough on the particles. Sure, they may still cough just cause they getting smoke up in their nose! But better than something more harmful than talcum powder. For a way to release the powder, both Emmett0 and TwoDollarBill have good ideas. I cannot contribute any other ideas towards the release of the powder at the moment, so sorry I can't help on that part. Good luck with your game though :D

I would suggest a mix of talcum power and wood ash. Makes a nice grey color. Downside: The cloud does not last very long and is only good for an explosion effect, not good for concealment.

If you still want to try this method, go to an airsoft store and buy an airsoft M203 grenade launcher and grenade. (Or just buy the grenade and use pvc. Use greengas (sold at the airsoft store) air your conpressed air source.

Now, if you charge the grenade and dont use any bb's you can send a small nerf rocket 100 yards. But you can also blast the talcum power everyplace. I would suggest putting the talc in a dixey cup and cover with tape. This keeps it clean, prevents you from wrecking your grenade and the dixey cup will come apart when you shoot.

bingo a puff of smoke is born.


8 years ago

Dry ice in water does a fairly decent job of imitating smoke or you can get a smoke machine which heats glycerin and water into a vapor cloud.

Thnx owl and Burf, but i'll need to be on the move and your ideas aren't as portable as the talcum powder.