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Does anyone know how to make pop-tarts? Answered

It's kind of a weird question but Iv'e been searching for a while and noticed they don't sell pop-tarts anymore. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make their own homemade ones?


#UPDATE#  not dening any *new* answers but i found them
burried in one of those 2 dollar food stores but they're like
aud $14.99 for four and even woorse for just two

Cheapest I can find up here near Childers is $10 for 2, or $18 for 4. But I've had friends tell me they're actually affordable down in Melbourne -_- Did you end up making a batch? (What batch and how'd it taste?)


when did they stop selling pop tarts?


9 years ago

During season 9 of Good Eats, Alton Brown did an episode on pocket pies called "A Pie In Every Pocket". Towards the end of the show he gives a recipe for and demonstrates how to make "toaster pastries". The link to this page is at the bottom of this post.

Here is a excerpt from the transcript of that show:

Making your own toaster pastries is a snap. Just start with the same dough we've been working with all day, and split it in half. Take each one of those pieces and roll it out, nice and slow and careful-like with your French rolling pin—always helpful—until you've got a rectangle that's 12 inches by 10 inches. I like to use this construction "T" to actually square things off, and divide it into four by five-inch pieces.
Then you just rub your egg wash all the way around, and then ladle on whatever filling you want. In this case, I'm using about a teaspoon and a half to two teaspoons of blueberry preserves. Then you're going to take your other piece of ... not pictured ... roll it out, cut it into the same sizes, so that you've basically got lids, or tops of your toaster pastries, just like that. But before you put them on, you want to dock them with a fork, anywhere from, you know, eight to ten times, and then lay them right down on top. Again, you want to make sure you kind of smooth the excess air out, because even though you've docked it, they could blow up like nasty bubbles, and you don't want that.
Seal the edges, kind of as you go, and then go back and do all your crimping at once. If at any time, the dough gets mushy on you, just cover it with wax paper, and then place a pan—an upside down sheet pan that you've kept in the freezer—on top. It'll suck out some of the heat, and help the fat to harden. Then, get to crimping.

Slide into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

When they're done, they won't be brown at all ... not yet. That's because we're only par-cooking them here. They'll finish in your toaster. Let these cool completely, then stash them in a zip top bag in your bread box, or bag, tag, and freeze for up to a month. That way, when breakfast comes, you'll be ready. All you have to do is pop a couple in the toaster, and you've got breakfast. I think I'll have boysenberry and ginger lime today. Or maybe two chocolates. Heck, I'll have a couple of each


OMFG!!! I have a recipie of that in my journal! I have beef, chili, pepperoni (meal including cheese); apple, grape, red plum jellies, fig, apricot, & blackberry preserves (dessert).


8 years ago

you can take the stuff out of a hot pocket lol and fill it with other fruit things.

im just making a joke im shure theres a way to make something like it mabey some sort of pie, probably would be bigger than your avg. pop-tart size. i honestly hardly ever eat the things though

Where do you live? Maybe it's a boycott thingy because it contains to many children's body parts! =p
huh, i buy pop-tarts almost every day (chocolate chip pop-tarts 3 times a day!)
As for cooking, 15 seconds in a high powered microwave is enough

if you follow the directions i think its supposed to be three seconds, they may have changed that

I feel your pain. I live in Perth. They only stopped selling them here, I don't know why. I had a friend bring some back from the US and it was joyous.

Thanks! I made some and they look great! Going to eat them now as soon as i finish posting this!


9 years ago

They still make it. we even have new flavor here in Canada!

Really? i bought some pop tarts yesterday... and to make them i usually put them in the toaster and wait until they pop up

I saw them as well. Try a thin layer of low rising biscuit dough, a layer of jam or jelly, then another layer of dough on top. Put the frosting on after baking.