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Does anyone know how to make rocket fuel for model rockets.? Answered

I want to make model rockets but i dont know how i am going to power them so i need to know how to make the fuel.thanks



go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_549125&feature=iv&src_vid=aqhu4Aqp4g4&v=yUYxk-y-tU8 this video is made by the king of random and its really helpful and its a good rocket fuel recipe. ps. if the link dosn't let you click it just copy and paste it.

Alka Seltzer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could use lead dioxide and charcoal


The exhaust from this would give you bad heavy metal exposure!

You can break open a bunch of firecrackers and pack the powder into a cardboard tube with kittylitter! It doesnt produce much thrust but can be a good bottle rocket if made correctly!

first go to lowes and get spetriceides stump remover {kno3} and the ratio beatween sugar and the kno3 is 1.00 kno3 and .5 sugar

If you want to know how to make a Sugar propellant and rocket engines go to this website http://www.jamesyawn.net/index.htm . In this website you will find everything you need to make a sugar propellant.

Sugar rocket sounds good. You might also want to look into hydrogen powered rockets or, as Jack A Lopez said, you can just buy one from estes or the likes of them

I'd never heard of the "sugar rocket" jtobako mentions, it sounds neat. Way back I used to hear about zinc-sulfur fuel. Here is some data


Zinc-Sulfur (ZS)
Propellants Composed of powdered zinc metal and powdered sulfur (oxidizer), ZS is another pressed propellant that does not find any practical application outside of specialized amateur rocketry circles due to its poor performance (as most ZS burns outside the combustion chamber) and incredibly fast linear burn rates on the order of 2 m/s. ZS is most often made novelty propellant as the rocket accelerates extremely quickly leaving a spectacular large orange fireball behind it.

"Candy" Propellants Candy propellants are generally an oxidizer (typically potassium nitrate) and a sugar fuel (typically dextrose, sorbitol, or sucrose) that are cast into shape by gently melting the propellant constituents together and pouring or packing the amorphous colloid into a mold. Candy propellants generate a low-medium specific impulse of roughly 130 sec and thus are implemented primarily only with amateur and experimental rocketeers. 

Remember:  BE CAREFUL.  All these fuels are dangerous; they can burn you or set fire to something.

Look up "RC candy" or "sugar rocket".

Rocket science is one of those hobbies with a significant learning curve. Also it is a subject that can be dangerous, especially if you don't know what you're doing.  For these reasons it is a good idea to start with projects that are simple and relatively safe. 

For example, this 'ible by Kiteman:

It outlines three different sort of "easy" homemade rocket techniques: air-and-water, Alka-seltzer(tm)-water, and Al-foil and match-heads.  I say "easy", but only relative to harder things.  These projects still look somewhat challenging, and fun too!

If you want to do anything more powerful, and thus more dangerous, you are likely to start running up against barriers put in place by the pesky government bureaucrats who try (in vain) to make World safe and boring. In particular there are various laws, import/export regs. that specifically apply to premanufactured solid rocket engines, fireworks,  and also the chemical oxidizers used to make them (eg. KNO3, KClO3, potassium nitrate and potassium nitrate, respectively)   Exactly what these barriers will be depends on what country you live in, and how repressive your government is with respect to model rocketry. Let me give you some examples. 

Pre-made hobby-type solid-fuel engines

In the Former United States (FUS), the easiest way to obtain small solid-fuel rocket engines is to just buy them on the street. They are sold in the same stores that sell toy/hobby RC (radio controlled) cars, and RC aircraft. Also I think you might have to be older than a certain age to buy them.  Not sure. I haven't bought any in years, and the laws and paranoia have definitely gotten worse since. Most, maybe all, of the pre-made rocket engines I have ever seen were made by a Company called Estes.  Here's a link into their catalog, just to give you an idea of what these things look like:

Now unfortunately, I don't think Estes is going to be willing to ship any rocket engines or kits to you in Jamaica. (Your profile says you're in Jamaica.) It's because of those meddling bureaucrat monkeys I mentioned earlier. I found the actual bad news in red, all-caps, on this page:

And this is one of those little obstacles.  There's probably a way around it.  You know more about Jamaica than I do. Ask around. See if anyone knows where you can find model rocket engines, or even fireworks type rockets.

DIY solid propellant recipes

Remember what I said about mastering the easy stuff first. Well I would consider DIY propellant from chemicals to be an "advanced" technique, or at least an "intermediate" one.  How do I say this?  Attention to safety is critical.  If you've never mixed a particular chemical recipe before, only make a very small batch, until you're certain this isn't the recipe that blows up while you mix it.  Also obviously you should be wearing safey glasses, gloves, etc. In fact the sum of all the precautions you should take to mix rocket fuel safely, is more than I can mention in just one paragraph.  That's why I keep talking about this slow progression of learning. The safety, the meticulousness, the attention to detail, this is all something you learn along the way...  if you don't blow yourself getting there.

That being said, the only instructable I can find with including a rocket propellant recipe is this one:
Amazingly, the author of this instructable says that he can find obtain both sulfur and KNO3 from his local drug-store in South Africa. This is remarkable to me because it has been literally years (like 30? 40?) since the drug stores here in the FUS have sold such chemicals.

Not sure where you can find such things in Jamaica, but that's for you to figure out.  BTW, do try to stay safe, obey the laws, not blow up yourself, or anyone else, etc.