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Does anyone know how to make static electricity without a van de graffe generater? Answered

Without using a van de graffe generator or the sock on carpet thing? Oh and not going down a plastic slide either. Also not the ballon hair thing. Plus I want a constatant flow so I can build it up in my body if you know what I mean.


Build a Wimhurst Machine instead

open an air ionizer, connect a wire to the metal spiked ionizer thingythen the end of the wire will produce static electricitybe sure to do it when its offand when its on you should feel a tiny static charge at the end of the wire, tiny shockthats static electricity.

Ah. Get a 3 ft. (1 yard, 1 metre, same thing...)PVC pipe, and a silk cloth. You can use cotton, but silk works better. Rub the cloth over the PVC, and you should here some discharge. Pull the PVC over whatever you need static-y. -PKT

Shuffling around on the carpet for hours on a dry day.

baloon on your head ummm i think another way maybe be rubbing acrylic with a piece of wool driving your car down the street