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Does anyone know how to make that hard flat pulled taffy you can only seem to find at fairs? Answered

I've been searching everywhere to find this recipe and how to make it hard, I know it's from salt water toffee, but I'd like to know how to make it hard and so fast as they do at the fair. The fair seems to be the only place I ever saw it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you've seen it at the fair, you've probably also seen the taffy pulling machines. It's the stretching, folding & repeat & repeat & repeat, ad nauseum that turns the soft & sticky to hard taffy.

The easyest way to make taffy is to get a big marshmellow and put it in the microwave untill it puffs up. then you get a fork and streach and pull for about a min.

I've made a fair bit of taffy over the years and sufficient pulling (the folding and stretching procedure) does affect the texture. 
However if you cook it to too low a temperature it will never get hard enough (well not without being kept chilled anyway) and if you cook it too high it will not soften back up in your mouth (becomes pulled hard candy)

For most recipes I find taking the taffy off the heat once the temp hits 265 degrees will yield the texture you described.
http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Any-Flavor-Taffy/Detail.aspx is a good recipe if you want to experiment with flavors without investing in an different extract for each batch and will give you a firm taffy if you cook it hot enough (recipe only calls for cooking to 250.)

It might take some experimenting to get just how you like, variances in equipment etc.
good luck and watch out with the molten sugar, i can tell you from experience blistered palms are no fun.

Well Allrecipies.com has some great homemade recepies. You must remove the taffy from the pot at the exact time or it will turn into hard candy. Then after it cools you need to pull it and pull it until it is perfect.