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Does anyone know how to make your own effusion lamp catalytic burner? Answered


Platinum catalyst is relatively new for these, the stones they use catalyze the reaction for the majority.

Prices are as 'art' just as furniture and Apple products.

Looking a bit beyond Lemonie's link, it looks like the fuel is mainly an alcohol (IPA?) with a perfume.  I think the catalyst is probably platinum (which goes some way to explaining the stonkingly high price-tag, but not the sickeningly floriferous sales pitch). 
Once heated and blown out, the the platinum would continue to glow red-hot in the presence of the alcohol and vapourise the perfume.  I assume the claimed disinfecting powers come from the alcohol vapour.

yeah...real easy to make them if you do not have a machine or way to wrap the ring around your bottle you will need very heat proof silicone and you do need the crown btw-thats what holds the heat to the stone...not quite so simple!!! also the bottle MUST be specific in size otherwise it simply wont work!!

it's easy to make your own catalytic lamp.
Buy a wick and stone set from ebay, they come in several sizes to fit different sized bottles. You will also need a closed cap that will fit over the stone to extinguish the wick.
Once you have your items and the wick fits snugly into your glass bottle it's time to fill it up.

Fill your chosen GLASS container with either official product fuel (lampe berger, ashleigh and burwood, Scentier etc) OR make your own with 99% isopropyl alcohol and up to 10ml of ESSENTIAL OIL blend. (your wick guarentee won't cover home-made fuel).

Let the wick soak up the fuel until you can see a sheen on the stone. it's now ready to use.

Light the stone and let it flame until the stone glows a little (or 5 minutes if unsure). blow out the flame and the catalytic reaction will do the rest. Once you have finished put the closed cap over the stone tightly and leave to cool.

Never let the fuel be completely used up, this can damage the wick and stone. If you find sooty deposits build up on your stone you can soak it along with the wick in pure isopropyl alcohol to give it a good clean.

only ever use essential oils and NOT fragrance oils.