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Does anyone know how to make/where i can buy a hit and miss engine? Answered

I dont have a cnc or a laser cutter, but i would like to make one, and my friends dad might be able to make one (hes a machinist) but i dont know where to find plans for free. Where would i be able to buy one, that would be easer.


check with www.lindsaybks.com or hemmings motor news ! lindsay sometimes has the books for how to build and repair and hemmings should have them for sale


9 years ago

Try Lindsay Books. I'm pretty sure a gentleman named Dave Gingery wrote a step by step book on how to make this type of engine or an Atkinson, I forgot which. I believe he starts off with the bare minimum, as in ingots of aluminum.

I frequently see hit-and-miss engines for sale at steam fairs in the UK, both petrol and paraffin.

There are kits available here (I don't know if they ship to the USA), but this US website offers plans-only for a hit-and-miss engine for $21.95

just get a lawnmower engine!

Not as interesting though... A lawnmower engine isnt what I want, I have a few of them.