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Does anyone know how to prepare CAKED DONUTS (not raised)?No donuts here,I miss them too much!Please help.. Answered

I spent few months in the sunny Florida and became addicted to DONUTS. We lived close to a bakery,in Indian Rocks Beach,where donuts were homemade fresh daily... they had 2 kinds of donuts: raised and CAKED. Those ( chocolate, cinnamon, glazed, plain, powered,sour cream) were my favourite, and among those "sour cream" were my  number one... Back in Italy I am really starving for them but THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT HERE!!! I cook ( my guests always say pretty well), and I wish to try to make them , but  I could find only recipes for the raised ones. Please, help me.... I can't write the name of the place, but if anybody have been in Indian Rocks Beach I am sure they'll know the place I am talking about....
Please, help me...



donuts (or doughnuts) are quite simple to make if you have an open-top deep fryer. The dough version is obvious -- bread dough -- the lighter the better. I don't know if theres anything specific about the cake recipe, but I'd be tempted to try a heavier cake batter dropped from a funnel with a stopper in the bottom to create the shape.

I worked in a donut shop for a very short while -- it was a blast!


7 years ago

I asked my wife, she says add 1/2 cup of baking mix (Bisquik, Jiffy or any store brand) to a regular yellow cake mix. You can add cinnamon, nutmeg or any other spices you like to the mix.
Then deep fry in vegetable oil. Ice or dust with confectioner's sugar.
And a note from me, a baked donut is not a donut, its a small round cake with a hole in the middle. Donuts are deep fried.

It's all in the recipe. Try some of these and see how you come out. The cake donut is much heavier and denser than a normal donut and not usually glazed.

If size matters not. I'm not sure if they're caked or not though.