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Does anyone know how to program electronic signs, or scrolling marquees? Answered

I have a large scrolling marquee type electronic sign, and it turns on fine and seems to work.  However, I have no idea how to program it and have not found any compatible software online.  The back says that it is from SIGNLINE and the model number is 180500.  It looks like it connects to a computer through a phone cord.  If anyone can help in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it.?


Didn't you get instructions and software from where you <em>bought</em> it?<br /><br />Is it anything like <a href="http://www.spacewriter.com/SignLine.aspx?menuproduct=4">this</a>?<br />

Nah, it's way simpler/older than that.  Just red leds, one line of letters or numbers.

I didn't buy it.  I found it.