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Does anyone know how to remove an unwanted .pdf from the internet found in google searches? Answered

yeah, even if it is possible how would I go about doing this, anything I can do on my friends own?
The pdf is slandering my friends reputation on the internet and was posted by a district attorney's office. How could my friend go about getting it removed from being found in a search?



8 years ago

Talk to a lawyer.

Like it or not, unless your friend wants to go through libel proceedings it's protected free speech -- and I would expect that a DA's office knows enough not to say anything which could be subject to a libel suit. (Remember, established facts are neither libel nor slander.)

The best you can hope for is probably to convince the DA's office that they were mistaken and get them to publish a retraction. And you will probably need a lawyer in order to do so.

Once something is published, there is NO way to recall it except, _perhaps_, to bring a copyright lawsuit. And that would have to be done by the author, and would be an uphill battle since copyright generally doesn't apply to documents produced by government offices.

Even that may not affect the various Internet Archive sites, and may not be able to find and affect anyone else who has pulled a copy in the meantime.

This is precisely equivalent to their having published the item in a newspaper. You can't recall every copy of the paper. You can't keep the item from being included in archives of the paper. All you can do is get a countering statement published... and you may have to pay to do so.

GET A LAWYER. If it's worth worrying about, it's worth paying for expertise. If it isn't worth paying for expertise, it isn't worth worrying about. Free legal advice isn't worth what you pay for it, and that includes this note.


8 years ago

There is not a chance to get it removed. Even if you sued and won, it's probably been copied several times in other places and will keep on showing up.

Since it's been posted by the DA's office it's probably an official document which means it's even more impossible to get it taken off.  It's probably a part of the legal process and is a proper document in that case, and often the things written in legal documents are not complimentary to the parties involved.

Your friend could just ask them nicely and they might realize their mistake and remove it willingly.